• Daphne Wils

Training camp Miami

22-09-2018 - 02-12-2018

On Thursday 22-09-2018 I flew with the dutch national team to Miami for a 10 day training camp. I was so glad to hear that we got the opportunity to train at the University of Miami's facilities. It is always a great experience as that meant that we had to train in an outside pool, which contrasts a lot to diving in an indoor environment. Looking back comparing our training situation in Miami with my trainingsbase in Holland the differences were immense.

This camp not only brought me a lot of fun but also taught me a bunch of new skills, physically and mentally.

I never experienced a training camp like this. Besides all the hard training we tried our best to live like Americans, we visited a football game, a basketball game, the everglades and went to the beach (Key Biscayne) a couple times.

This training camp has been my first trip away since a year and I'm so grateful to be part of this amazing team. 2018 has been a difficult year for me personally such as athletically. Therefore I'm so glad that I could finish off the 2018 diving season with this camp. Not only did it motivated me to face my fears but it also prepared me to be ready to compete in the upcoming diving season.

Bring on 2019 !!

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