• Daphne Wils

First competition since a year

Last year on this moment I dove one of my best competitions ever. I came away with two new personal best and a national record. Who would have thought that 3 days later, I made the decision to quit diving for half a year.

Mixed synchroon with Bram Meulendijks

Today, I'm happier than ever to be back in a competition environment. Even though I didn't do a personal best this year, I felt so much stronger and full of confidence. My list is not what it's supposed to be but there is progress and I'm grateful for every step I take.

Preparing for the 1 meter final

The Eindhoven diving cup is one of my personal favorites. Not only because it's in my home pool but also because people from all over Europe come to Eindhoven to show their best. The environment is great, everyone supports each other and the pool looks its finest. Normally I dive this event for my club (Aquarijn) but this year we had to compete for KNZB. Not really a big difference but it's nice to have a big team around you who wishes you the best and supports you no matter what.

Besides all the fun, this competition is meant to qualify for the dutch national squad and other competitions throughout the year. I'm happy to say that I made the points for the national squad, I brought home gold, silver and bronze and that I will be competing at the FINA Diving Grand Prix in Rostock next week.

I love to see how the hard work results into succes.

opening ceremony 1 meter final

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